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"Duke" - 48"x48"

"Mr. Tuna" - 48"x48"

"Suzie Que - " 48"x48"

My vision as an artist is to create the same impact and meaning as my photography images. My art style is Abstract Realism in Bas-Relief, using plaster and acrylic as my medium, which I believe enhances the dog's features in capturing their personalities along with giving it a life-like quality that I call "Faux'Dography."


My paintings are a variety of sizes and are all built on custom frames and panels. Paintings can be created from your favorite photo or we can schedule a photo shoot to capture that perfect image.


Original Commissioned Art Pricing

  • 2'x2' - $950

  • 2'x4' - $1,950

  • 4'x4' -  $3,950

  • 4'x6' - $5,950

  • 4'x8' - $7,950

Additional Art Subjects

All in Bas-Relief & Acrylic

  • Celtic Art

  • Fly Fishing Flies

  • Angel Wings

  • Cairns

  • Golf Shots

  • Discrete Risqué (Vargas Style)

For pricing on any of my additional art & services, please contact me.


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