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Craftsman / Artisan

Custom Interior Dog Den Builder

Painter / Carpenter / Photographer / Artist

My vision for this venture as a Custom Dog Den Builder stems from being a high-end painting & remodeling contractor for over 35 years building custom walk-in closets for designers, decorators, builders & realtors. Please see some of my work examples below. My personal love for Dog's has given me the idea to combine all of my skill sets. I have many great Ideas for several areas of the home where they could be a great fit.

I can emulate any home's style interior & exterior, using most of the building materials used in construction, only retrofitted and scaled down to accommodate for the size and weight of the dog. They are designed with functionality, comfort and accessibility for routine cleaning and maintenance. These Dog Den's will provide a sanctuary where they can relax, unwind and truly feel at home.

Dog Den Possible Styles: 

  • Cottage

  • Log Home

  • Craftsman

  • Cape Cod

  • Colonial

  • Art Deco

  • Contemporary

  • Farm House

  • French Provincial

  • Georgian Colonial

  • Swiss Chalet'

  • Mediterranean

  • Modern

  • Neo Classical

  • Asian 

  • Prairie

  • Pueblo Revival

  • Ranch 

  • Spanish

  • Tudor

  • Victorian

Craftsman & Artisan Services:

  • Custom Walk-In Closets

  • Custom Garage Storage Shelving

  • Interior Quality Painting

    • small to large​ jobs

  • Faux Finishing in Bas-Relief

  • Stencil Work in Bas-Relief

Please contact me to discuss your custom project.


$75 per hour - T&M basis 

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