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My vision as an adventurous lifestyle photographer is to strive for impact and meaning in my images, along with capturing the true essence of the moment featuring "Man's Best Friend" shot entirely in a candid and laidback style. My intent for the shoot is to present it all in a narrative, which will provide several quality images. Then if you choose to, we can select one very special image, with great light, composition and a captivating moment worthy of becoming a painting. 

All photo shoots are free of charge, only pay for the images you would like to own. Shoots are on location: the beach, a dog park, your backyard, or anywhere safe to take your dog within 15-20 miles of Jupiter. 

Photo Shoot Includes:

Selection of images shared via google drive link.

Options to Buy:

Additional Photography Services:

  • Everyday Lifestyle Narratives

  • 2nd shooter for weddings & special events (just the dogs)

  • Black & White

  • Panoramic & HDR

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